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General Housekeeping 

A clean, well kept restaurant will help project a message of professionalism. 

A weekly cleaning schedule with specific tasks should be developed and followed. Tasks include vacuuming, dusting, restroom cleanup, trash, washing windows, etc. Restrooms will be used by a majority of your customers. Thus, it is important to maintain clean, well stocked restrooms. Develop a daily cleaning schedule and ensure that it is followed. 

Opening Procedures 

TRATTORIA Trattoria Basiloco DUTIES




Check mirror and cleaning if dirty, 

Check toilet paper always must be one ready for use, and at least one new one on the side,

Check hand paper and hand soap. Hand paper must be over level window, but not over filled.

Clean toilet chair, seat and walls next to it. (always wear gloves)

Clean urinal, walls next to it and the step in front. (always wear gloves)

Change black rubbish bag

Brush and mop appropriately the floor, walls and doors if required, with apposite product. If necessary use water hose to rinse.

Toilet must look clean and smell nice.

Leave the doors open to allow faster drying before service starts. Use caution when floor wet, and place warning signs at entrance until the floor dries. Close the toilets doors before service starts.


Floor area:

Leave the entrance curtain half closed until service starts.

Open all the vinyl curtains if the weather forecast expects warm, and dry weather. Check online.

Put the beanbags outside, and open the sun umbrellas if it is not to windy.

Make sure that all the walkway in front of the restaurant is clean.

Place the rubbish bags in all the bins.

Open all glass windows.

Clean all tables, bars, stands and chairs with a cloth and antibacterial spray, if necessary.

Brush and map the floor with the right products.

Take out the POS iPads, and plugging on the charger. Verify that the POS system is on.

Put the EFTPOS machines and stapler next to the cashier station, and the cash register with the float in his drawer. Count the float, and report immediately to accounting if money is missing. Float should be $250.

Switch on the computer on the deck, bring out the keypad and mouse, open the browser and check in the “SimpleERB” website for the reservation. Username and password should be already set by default.

Looking at the reservations of the night, set up the floor, try to find the best way to place the tables to accommodate the ideal number of costumer arriving for dinner.

Put the tables in aligned position, make sure the feats are adjusted, always screwing the feats in firs, to avoid loosing the feats if completely unscrewed.

Put decorated pillows, with a grey one under it, in the most visible seats on the wooden bench, with back to the road. Put the other decorative pillows standing on the rest of the wall lounges, at an equal distance.

Prepare tables with the right number of pax according to bookings, and with the “reserved” sign on.

Set up with napkins, fork and knife on the right side of the plate, glass in the right angle of the napkins. The napkin should be the distance of one napkin from the corner away, aligned with the table, with the fork and knife should be entered, aligned, with the fork closer to the plate. 1 Pepper mill, salt and candle holder, with a usable candle in it per table.

Verify that salt and pepper mills are clean, full and in good working order.

Everything must look clean, symmetric and organised.

Ask the kitchen for the special of the day, and if something is missing. Share specials and missing items with your colleagues, trough the communication board located on the left hand side of the pass.

Update the special of the day on the outside menu display, and print specials to add to the menus.

Check station to be clean, organised, and fully stocked with: Cutlery, plates, glasses, napkins…

Make sure there are no abject visible out of place.


Replace all rubbish bags in the bins.

Open the coffee machine

Open the glass washer machine

Check if fruit, mint, juices are still available to serve,

1 tapper way of lime cut in 4 pieces,

1tapper way of mint leaf

1tapper way of mint decoration 

1 tapper way chili

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